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Elsworthy Hirst Ltd

With 30 years experience of supply chain and operations in the short shelf life FMCG sector I have developed a business using my skills and expertise to advise and implement industry system and process improvements. 
I build bespoke systems tailored to the specific requirements and challenges of your business and provide one to one support, developing people and processes to work with these systems, driving sustained, tangible benefits.

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Finance Consultancy

Mentoring & development

People are the most important assets to any organisation. I offer one to one mentoring and coaching with key individuals introducing them to ways of working that empower them to improve their areas of responsibility. I work closely with them to restructure and organise their teams in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Planning & reporting systems

I have a developed a solid reputation for delivering robust, effective planning and reporting systems that give the customer real visibility and control over their stocks, products and KPIs.
I will identify, confront and provide customised solutions for your business needs, and by working closely with you throughout the entire project I will ensure your objectives are met. 
My service includes the design, implementation and training for your new bespoke systems with no hidden or future maintenance costs.
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Sales and Operations planning

S&OP or Integrated business planning (IBP) is the industry standard process employed by leading FMCG companies. Employed correctly it can be a very powerful process enabling businesses to work much more fluidly across different departments. I work with all relevant functions to implement an overall S&OP process into your business tailored specifically to the needs of the site or sites.

Lean Manufacturing

Six sigma black belt qualified and conversant with all lean manufacturing methodologies from 5's through to complex problem solving I am excellently placed to analyse your operations and provide improvements to current processes or solutions to manufacturing issues. Training relevant staff once solutions have been implemented ensures any improvements are embedded and will lead to continuous improvements across your manufacturing operations.

Implementation Planning
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Great Feedback

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"Richard was commissioned to implement S&OP, a commercial dashboard, raw material tracking and a few other planning reports and disciplines.
After beginning the project it became apparent that the planning tools currently used were dated and created flaws. Richard was then asked to implement new planning tools, planning KPIs and get the general skill level increased in the planning function onsite.
This was all delivered within the timelines agreed when the project was set out, and all the feedback from commercial and planning about the progress onsite has been positive. Further to this, we have increased our service levels across all 4 customers and hitting our service levels KPIs on a regular basis."

Steffen Hille Site Director

"Richard will add value to any food manufacturing business he encounters. His first hand experience of running shop floor processes coupled with his ability to scope, write and manage planning systems gives him a unique set of skills and business wide perspective. 
At Dawnfresh Richard was tasked with completely overhauling our production planning processes across two sites. In addition to delivering on time and budget Richard was able to help develop our people and identify future opportunities for further process improvements"

Rob Burnett - CEO

"All of the projects Richard has been asked to complete have been delivered in full, to the expected quality and also timely. Richard certainly exceeded my expectations, he is dedicated, demonstrated by putting in many additional hours above and beyond those contracted. He has a broad range of competencies but in addition can influence people working at all levels of the business. Richard has natural leadership qualities and promotes people to follow him easily and through good will. During his time at Redruth Richard acted as a leader, coach, mentor and a proactive member of the management team."

Peter Broomfield Site Director

Richard has been instrumental in implementing bespoke planning systems into Pilgrims Pride Ltd across the UK. These systems have been introduced on time and to budget. The approach taken by Richard ensures that the requirements are fully understood and that the solutions developed are robust and result in successful business outcomes.

Keith Saywell Group Business Controller


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